School Safety

Carson Elementary and LWSD policies regarding Illness, Medications, and Safety while at school.


When children become ill or are injured at school, parents are contacted. Carson Elementary has a health room with a cot where a sick child can wait until a parent arrives. When a child is sick or injured, it is important that they be picked up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Please be sure that the school has a telephone number of a nearby friend or relative that could come for your child quickly if you cannot be reached. Please update your work, home and emergency number with the school office when these change.
We have a number of requests from parents wanting their children to stay in from recess once they have returned to school from being ill. We do not have the facilities or the personnel to supervise these youngsters. Our library is a place where children can go to read and do extra work. Our suggestion is that if children are too ill to go outside to recess that you keep them home an additional day. We assume that if children come to school, they are healthy and need to go outside during recess.
Medications at School
According to state law (RCW18a-31 Ch. 195) passed in 1982
ALL MEDICATIONS (INCLUDING OVER-THE-COUNTER ITEMS LIKE TUMS, THROAT LOZENGES, COUGH SYRUP, TYLENOL, ASPIRIN, ETC.) to be administered to a student by a school employee, must be requested and authorized in writing by a parent/legal guardian AND a physician/dentist.
You may obtain a form in the office for this purpose. For student's safety, it is important that all medication be kept in the school office and administered by an employee. Please do not put pills into your child’s lunch!
Health Room/Medication
District nurses are assigned to multiple schools and are not assigned to a specific campus. If a student feels ill during the school day, the teacher may give permission for the student to go to the office to call a parent to arrange for transportation home. Parents should inform the school on the student emergency contact card or in writing if a student has a life threatening illness, infectious disease, or serious allergy.
The Lake Washington School district’s medication policy states that the only medication to be given at school must be doctor prescribed and needed in the event of a life-threatening situation. Students may not medicate themselves. If a student is currently taking daily medication, parents need to arrange to have the student take it before school begins.
Should medication need to be administered at school, parents must have their child’s physician sign the LWSD medication form (#4023); provide a separate prescription pharmacy bottle labeled by the pharmacist (handwritten labels will not be accepted); bring the pharmacy bottle with the exact amount of medication needed for the designated time period (no more than one month at a time) to school at least two days prior to administration; and must pick up any unused medication (i.e. Epi-Pens, inhalers, etc.) by the last day of school.
Earthquake Procedure
  1. If indoors, stay indoors. Crawl under sturdy furniture. If possible, move to an inside wall or to a doorway. Stay away from windows and glass.
  2. Do not use candles, matches or any open flame.
  3. Do not run through or near buildings where debris could fall on you.
  4. If outside, stay in the open. Keep away from buildings, trees and electrical wires.
  5. If in a moving car, stop. Stay inside until the shaking stops.
After the shaking
  1. Make sure no debris is hanging over building exits.
  2. After exits have been inspected, evacuate building and move well away from it.
  3. Keep with class until teacher completes roll to make certain no one is missing.
In Case of a Fire
When the fire alarm sounds all students and personnel will evacuate the building immediately. Students must leave their classrooms and proceed directly to the designated exit, as posted in each classroom. All classes should walk rapidly and silently away from the building, standing face away from the building while the teacher takes roll to make certain no one is missing.
If you are interested in school insurance, forms are sent home on the first day of school and are also available in the office. This insurance is a supplemental accident insurance policy.