Guidance Team

Guidance Team assists teachers and parents to help children reach their highest potentials by reviewing existing data and brainstorming new ideas and strategies.

Guidance Team:

At Rachel Carson Elementary School, we have established a Guidance Team to assist teachers and/or parents with instructional strategies. A meeting can be initiated by either the classroom teacher or by a parent.

If requested by a parent, the request is then given to the classroom teacher. The teacher fills out an informational form indicating methodology that has been implemented on behalf of the child. He or she also includes data to support academic decisions that have been made about that child. A team member will then schedule a meeting for that child.

Presently, G.T. meetings are conducted on Thursdays, either at 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. Parents are always invited to attend the meetings, but the child may be discussed without their permission or attendance.

The Guidance Team wants to assist both teachers and parents so that an educational program may help children to reach their highest potentials. All information that is discussed at the meeting is confidential.

Guidance Team Members

School Principal
School Psychologist
School Counselor
Special Education Teacher(s)
Safety Net Teacher
Speech and Language Pathologist
School Nurse
Occupational Therapist