Seahawk Blitz joins the Muir Elementary Turkey Trot

It was all smiles and high fives at John Muir Elementary when the Seahawk Blitz joined students at the 17th Annual Turkey Trot. This event took place during lunch recesses and promotes the importance of physical fitness and activity.



Tributes and Awards

Individuals who have made a lasting impact on Rachel Carson Elementary

Maddy Callahan:

In 2009, first-grader Maddy Callahan put up a courageous fight after being diagnosed with leukemia. Some months later, though, the angels decided they wanted Maddy with them. So they took our precious Maddy. Click on the FAMILY LETTER link to read a letter from the Callahan family. STATUE 1 || STATUE 2 || STATUE 3 ||FAMILY LETTER

Mary Cronin Award:

Mary Cronin was Carson’s first principal. Over her nine years at Carson, Ms. Cronin left a legacy for both her staff and students. Her humor, love for life, willingness to try new things, and overall awesomeness is what made her unique.

The Mary Cronin award was created to honor her legacy. Each year one 5th grade student will be recognized who encapsulates these qualities. He or she has made lasting connections with their peers and teachers.


Awards Carson Elementary has received due to its performance.